Since ‘Wheat Field With Crows’ seemed a little depressing…

Vincent Van Gogh’s life is one depressing story after another.  I didn’t really want that to be the focus so Starry Night seemed the obvious choice.  Creating a dry erase version of his last painting or one his portraits sans ear might lead people to jump to conclusions about my mental state.  The day I finished ‘The Scream’ also happened to be the same day that everyone at work was having to change cubes.  There were quite a few comments about how appropriate that seemed.  Good to remember for future works as I just want to foster art appreciation and not necessarily make a statement about how I’m feeling that day.  🙂

I love Van Gogh’s art aside from the fact that it adorns coasters and vodka bottles everywhere.  I feel like people rarely stop and really look at his art these days because the images are so famous that they feel like they see them all the time.  After looking at ‘Starry Night’ I felt like it would translate to the whiteboard well.  Impressionist works are great because of the bold brushstrokes and that isn’t too difficult to approximate with the markers.  So here’s the result.  Apologies for the crappy and hazy phone photo.  I’ll try to remember to bring a decent camera for these soon.