A relative pain in the butt

The first time I saw art by M.C. Escher I was totally blown away.  Not only was he a very talented artist but his brain seemed to operate in another dimension.  If the regular rules wouldn’t get him to where he wanted to go artistically he would bend them until they did.  His art was full of trickery, paradox, and imagination.  The second I started these doodles on the whiteboard I knew I would do an Escher.  They are already in black and white so there’s no mental gymnastics in doing the color/grayscale translation.  I always thought ‘Relativity’ was one of his more interesting works so I set about doing my version of it.  It was a pain and took forever but I learned more about the whiteboard medium in this one than all the others put together.  It is definitely the most work I have put into one of these and aside from it being slightly too skinny I think it came out well.  It’s also the only one so far where I would have been pissed if someone tripped and put their hand on it or accidentally leaned against it.  I did NOT want to have to do parts of this one over again.  Once was enough.  🙂

These first few pieces I am posting on the blog are the backlog of ones I have already completed.  There aren’t many, maybe five or six, so when those are posted I’ll start doing in progress pics of whatever I am working on at the moment.  Currently, I’m doing Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks.’  It’s pretty early in the process so there’s a good chance that I will get to do that.  Anyway, here’s Escher’s ‘Relativity.’

MC Escher's Relativity