Loosening up

After all the work that went into the Escher, I felt like doing something a lot more loose as a follow-up.  Picasso was the perfect choice, interesting subject matter but easier to nail down.  If I had waited on doing Picasso I probably would have chosen ‘The Old Guitarist’ since I play that instrument.  Perhaps I’ll come back to it.  If I do I might do the whole thing with a blue marker.  At some point I do plan on picking up a decent color set of markers because there are a couple of works I’d like to try that demand color.  It might be difficult to go back to just the black marker after that.  We’ll see.  I love that Picasso proved what an art ace he was at an early age so that when he started playing with the anatomy and doing crazy things, you knew it was intentional and not just that he had a 5 year-old’s grasp of the human face.

In the end, I chose to do ‘Guernica.’  There is a lot going on in this work and it really demands that you give it more than a cursory glance to puzzle it out.  Honestly, I thought by choosing a Picasso that I might be getting off light but it actually ended up presenting quite a few challenges.  While I could have put the eyes wherever I wanted all the cubist division not only demanded that the lines be in the right places but that I would also have to come up with a couple new ‘shading’ techniques.