Big Trouble In Little Diner

All day today I have been listening to the scores and soundtracks of 80’s movie classics.  I went heavy on the Carpenter movies since he likes to do his own music and comes up with these wacky synth scores that are totally dated but totally awesome at the same time.  Perfect example is the ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ soundtrack.  One of my all-time favorite films.  It’s got everything….  Kurt Russell’s best role, kung fu, pre-cougar Kim Cattrall, Chinese black magic, a big-rig truck, and weird sewer-dwelling monsters.  Add to that John Carpenter’s bizarro soundtrack and you have one of the strangest, yet somehow accessible movies ever.  Russell’s Jack Burton belongs on the all-hero team with John McClane, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Harry Callahan.  Highly recommended.

So, this marks the first post of a work in progress.  As I mentioned before,  I am working on Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks.’  I tend to look at the piece overall and do what I consider to be the most annoying part first so I can just get it out of the way.  By annoying, most of time I actually mean tricky.  I felt like I knew how the foreground diner would get done so I went ahead and blocked that part out with the detail to come later.  What I really needed was to find a way to make the background work.  I think I have the general direction of how to attack that part now.  I’ll probably have to go back and redo or tweak some spots but right now I’m just going to cover the board, see how it comes together, and go back to the problem areas.


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