A Hoax and a Smile

This week there were two epic job quittings.  One involving an out-of-his-mind flight steward, who pulled the emergency landing chute and geronimo-ed out of the plane after snagging some beer.  The other was a girl who quit via dry eraseboard and email.  The first one was funny and spontaneous.  The second was calculated and involved some real pinache.  It went viral quickly and the story of the girl who artfully shamed her boss and bolted a bad working environment captured a lot of imaginations.  It also skillfully used the dry eraseboard as its medium so of course I was on ‘board’ with it.  Heh.  Unfortunately it was a hoax.  I thought something was a little off with it, it seemed a little too well done.  Nevertheless, the dry eraseboard hasn’t had that kind of run in a long time.  Nicely done, interwebs.  I can always count on you.

Here is another work-in-progress photo of Hopper’s Nighthawks for your Thursday enjoyment.  I’ve begun to rough out things inside the diner as well as focusing on the outer structure.  I really need to get a new set of markers, as these have been put through the ringer.  There always needs to be one new-ish one in there that still has sharp edges and a lot of color.  I have also picked out what the next piece will be after I finish this one so I’m already getting excited about getting started on it.  It will likely have a little color in it.


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