Well, here’s Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ as finished as I’m going to get it.  I like the nice serendipity of the light source over my cube sort of matching the where it is in Hopper’s work.  He started working on this painting right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and knowing that adds to the sort of depressing scene in the work.  Maybe the timing is what makes it one of the most famous American works of art.  The painting currently resides at the Art Institute of Chicago, a great museum that I highly recommend visiting if you get the chance.  You might remember it from ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.’  They actually show the ‘Nighthawks’ painting briefly in the movie if I remember correctly.  When I first saw that movie I remember being blown away by the scene where they zoom in on Cameron looking at the Seurat painting so you get to see the detail and work that went into it.  If I can find a super-duper extra ultra-crazy-fine point dry erase marker maybe I’ll take that one on.

Do you remember that scene in ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ where Dorothy opens the door from her black and white world to the color world of Oz?  For those of you listening to Pink Floyd with it, it’s right when ‘Money’ comes on.  🙂  That’s what the next undertaking will be like.  I’m not forsaking the black and white by any means; this next one uses a very simple color scheme that I can actually try to replicate with dry erase markers, so I figured I’d try.  There are definitely a couple more color ones I’ll get to eventually but I’ll probably go back to black and white immediately, just to keep the people around here guessing.  The translating of color pieces to grayscale is a nice challenge and a good teaching tool for me to learn more about shading.  For now, it is time to change gears for some good old-fashioned pop art.  Stay tuned.  Farewell, Hopper, enjoyed it.


3 thoughts on “Next!

  1. Who would’ve ever thought there could be depth on a dry erase drawing.

    PS. If you could edit out that blue thing right below your dry erase board, that’d be awesome. it’s so distracting.

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