Fast cars and fast women

This is the first work in progress pic for the latest piece of whiteboard art.  This one, hopefully, will be Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘In The Car.’  I have been trying to find the right piece of pop art to do and a friend (thanks, meeulk!) pointed me in the right direction.  I’m a big fan of comic books so I was bound to get to some sort of panel art at some point but I really dug this image when I came across it.  It’s such a great composition, with lots of subtext.  It’s also a four-color piece that I think will actually translate to dry erase marker in color so I’ll give that a shot.  I went in and roughed out the shapes of the people and I’ll start refining the outlines soon.  I’m just trying to put the big shapes in their right place first.  So here’s the humble beginnings….


One thought on “Fast cars and fast women

  1. Just took a peek at the original.
    I got a very Dick Tracy vibe from it.
    I’ll be keeping track of your progress – I’m sure you’ll do it justice.

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