Four-color storytelling is art, too.

I’m a big comic book fan.  It has been cool to see how comic book art has slowly started being considered ‘real art.’  A good original art page from one of the masters like Jack Kirby will fetch tens of thousands of dollars.  A comic book is a nice blend of writing and artwork.  The artist, however, is pulling double duty as a storyteller.  Putting together an effective comic page is more than just seeing how much detail you can cram into the panels.  Often, simpler is better.  Less detail can be more effective in getting your point across.  You have a story to tell but you also have to do it in a natural way, moving and manipulating the viewer’s eye around the page in a fluid manner.  It’s a lot to juggle and they have to do it over at least 22 pages, most of the time on a monthly schedule.  One of the reasons I was drawn to this particular Lichtenstein piece was that it was pop art that evoked that old-school four-color comic style.  As you can see below, the red marks the first color I have used in one of these and I’m already seeing how problematic the colors can be.  The board would need to be totally spotless or the color markers will take on some of the leftover black from something previously erased.  I also thought that having some very fine tipped markers would be a big help but the chisel tip is extremely versatile and can do most anything you’d want.


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