Primarily yours…

I am really glad my first try on a color piece uses straight primary colors.  The color forces me to plan things out a lot differently than I had been doing them on past works.  The second one of those markers touches black it’s not the same after that.  On the flip side, if you use black and draw over one of the colors, the black tends to have a tint.  The moral of the story is keep them as separated as possible and be sure of your line art before you go in with color.  This particular work has also really made me appreciate the versatility of the chisel-tip marker.  I’ll keep the smaller tipped ones around for special occasions but the chisel-tips really work for me.  I also realized that I don’t have a yellow chisel-tip so that is something I’ll have to remedy if I want things to look consistent.  Guess that means I’ll be focusing more on the right side for now until I get that marker.  I can still go in and sort of finalize the woman’s face but her hair and coat are yellow-dominated so that will have to wait.


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