My yellow marker finally arrived so now I can set about finishing this thing.  Most of the right-hand side is done.  The yellow and black combo in the woman’s hair and coat is a challenge but, as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.  It’s just too messy to trying and finesse yellow around a lot of black so I went back in, erased, and cleaned that area out.  The idea was to block in all the yellow first and figure out a way to handle the black later.  The solution is the newest weapon in my dry erase arsenal, the pencil.  More specifically, it’s the eraser I’m after.  I actually used it on the Hokusai to make the dots.  It’s perfect for going in and removing color with some detail.  That allowed me to go back and remove the yellow so I could put down black directly on the board.  I think it is working out well.  That was the missing link for this piece, trying to figure out how to make that yellow work without turning the whole thing into a complete mess.


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