The Walrus was Paul

One of my favorite painters, if not number 1 on the list, is Paul Cezanne.  I think his work is absolutely incredible.  There are other artists of the period who are more well known for one reason or another but I’d put Cezanne up against any of them.  I honestly think that the subject matter of his paintings might be why he hasn’t found his way into pop culture like a Van Gogh or Monet.  He did tons of paintings of landscapes and the same mountain.  However, because of that it is really easy to see his evolution as an artist over the years.  I love seeing his paintings up close.  He constructs whole works out of patches of color and you can totally see why he is credited with being one of the fathers of cubism.  His color harmony is unrivaled.  The moment I got the idea to do the art board works I wanted to do a Cezanne but frankly didn’t know which one to do.  I think I’ve found one to try, ‘The Card Players.’  It’s very brushy and loose and should be interesting to try to puzzle out.  Here’s the beginning, the rough-out stage.

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