I can already tell…

This one is going to take a while.  I actually erased all of the original rough-out I did and started over.  If you compare the two you’ll notice that the scale is all wrong and the figures were much to large in the frame.  I started in with some detail on the hat of the man on the right side to try to figure out how I was going to handle this piece.  After some experimentation, I think I have found a way to tackle this one.  What you can’t see from a picture like this on my phone is all the little hatching and detail work.  Maybe I’ll snap a pic just to show how it looks up close.  From the distance I am taking these phone photos, the eye is already doing a lot of the blending for me.


2 thoughts on “I can already tell…

  1. its funny i wondered when you would turn to Paul. I am enjoying waiting to see what you are going to do next as much as I am how you render it. so cool.

  2. there’s something i really like about this version. like he’s hanging around by himself before the other two guys show up.

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