The Fourth Man

Gotta take a second and pimp a show that I’m hoping will fill the void left by LOST’s departure.  AMC has been making some pretty awesome shows lately.  Mad Men might be the best show on TV.  Breaking Bad is awesome and intense and I haven’t tried Rubicon yet but I’m sure it is probably pretty good.  On Halloween night The Walking Dead debuts.  It is based on a zombie comic book by Robert Kirkman and has some top notch-writing.  The fact that there is a zombie plague really serves as backdrop to some pretty fascinating character drama about survival and the toll it takes.  Give the show a shot, it’ll be tough and gory.  If that’s your thing, by all means watch.  TV needs some real shows with actual creativity behind them, not more ‘reality’ shows with the latest crew of people looking for their 15 minutes.

Here is the latest progress on The Cardplayers.  It’s really starting to come together and I finally got around to adding that pesky fourth man.  I’m still experimenting with how to handle the background.  I’ve already tried and erased some things that weren’t quite working but I’ll keep plugging away at it.  Hopefully I won’t screw it up at the end because I’ve really enjoyed working on this one and like the way it is turning out.  Some of the techniques used on this one would have worked really well on a couple previous pieces.  Oh well, the learning is what it’s all about, right?


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