Come on, man!

Monday Night Football is worth watching just for the analysts doing the Come on, Man! segment before the game.  It’s nice to see these millionaire athletes get a little humbling now and then.  Their egos could sure use it.  Each morning when I get to work and see this whiteboard, I think, “Come On, Man!”  I’d like to finish this one soon.  It feels like I’ve been working on this forever with the vacations and sick days knocking me out for a while.  Today was the first day that I looked at it and thought, “Ok, this is starting to round into form.”  Even though it may only look like I tackled a smallish section in certain updates I have been going over different parts of the work, tightening up lines or shifting the placement of something.  Now it finally feels like it is in the ballpark.  Here’s the latest:


As I sit here watching Duke play Kansas State, I realize there really isn’t much that I loathe more than Duke basketball.  When I look at them, I see the Third Reich of college basketball.  Throw in Dickie V calling the game and it’s like having a visual and auditory root canal at the same time with no anesthesia.  That said, here’s the latest progress on Mucha.  I’m really close to covering everything and then I’ll go back in and clean up a lot of the outlines to tighten it up.

Becoming nocturnal

Maybe it’s just me but I swear it’s getting dark now at 4:30 pm.  I am a solar-powered person so I feel kind of like the villain in Superman 4 in the elevator.  Luckily, there is a decent reason to sit in front of the television this week.  College basketball starts up and where I live, college basketball is king.  And queen.  Perhaps even a few knights.  I’m already liking the idea of sitting on the couch, drawing, and watching some basketball.  I figure the drawing will keep my blood pressure down, maybe a little less yelling and not quite as many creatively put together strings of obscenities.  🙂

Speaking of drawing, here’s the latest progress on Mucha.  That sign above the violinist has given me a devil of a time.  I’ve probably erased it 4 or 5 times, trying different ways to tackle it.  I think the hatching will work and will make it easier to fade the color from right to left.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself tonight.  I’ll probably erase it tomorrow.

Cough, Hack, Draw

Between being sick and trying to catch up from being sick this one is sure taking its sweet time.  That’s ok, though, I’m having a good time with it.  I’m still running into some layout issues here and there but that’s to be expected.  Maybe next time I’ll go through the trouble to grid out something this complex but for now I’m content to eyeball it.  🙂  Oh, and I will make a concerted effort not to have mustaches in my next choice.

I’ve also been doing more art at home since getting a set of grayscale Prisma markers.  I’ve almost dried out a few of them so it’s time to replace but I really dig using them.  They do take some getting used to but I’ve seen some people become wizards with those things.  I decided to use them to do a series of superhero drawings for the toddler’s room, starting with Superman.  It will be good practice for drawing people and working on anatomy because I totally suck at it.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Apologies for little in the way of Cubicleism updates.  It’s hard to get anything done when you are laid up at home for four days with some god-awful sickness that feels like it is slowly sucking your soul out of your ears, showing it to you, then salting and eating it right in front of you.  I will consider this a mini-update.  I’m hoping by the end of the weekend I won’t feel like 10 pounds of dung in a 2 pound bag and I can start to update regularly again.  I like working on this one already because it is forcing me to consider things like line-weight for depth of field because my normal tricks won’t work.  The way this piece is constructed makes the background quite challenging.  There is a lot going on activity-wise but not in terms of how to differentiate the color.  I’m still experimenting on this one quite a bit.