Come on, man!

Monday Night Football is worth watching just for the analysts doing the Come on, Man! segment before the game.  It’s nice to see these millionaire athletes get a little humbling now and then.  Their egos could sure use it.  Each morning when I get to work and see this whiteboard, I think, “Come On, Man!”  I’d like to finish this one soon.  It feels like I’ve been working on this forever with the vacations and sick days knocking me out for a while.  Today was the first day that I looked at it and thought, “Ok, this is starting to round into form.”  Even though it may only look like I tackled a smallish section in certain updates I have been going over different parts of the work, tightening up lines or shifting the placement of something.  Now it finally feels like it is in the ballpark.  Here’s the latest:


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