Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone out there is having a wonderful holiday season.  Christmas was awesome for us and we even got a foot of snow to play in as well.  The roads were well treated so that travel was easy the day after.  You can’t beat that.  I like snow but I loathe having to travel around in it so this was the best of both worlds.  The updates will be a little slow til after the New Year because I have this week off.  Here’s the latest on The Singing Butler.  No, all those little slashes are not raindrops falling from the sky.  That is just phase one of my attempt at the background.  I’ll do some crosshatching on top of it now.  I do like the way it is going so far….  Something about that hatching really makes the figures pop.


Happy Holidays!

Cubicleism wishes you very Happy Holidays!  Here is the latest progress on ‘The Singing Butler.’  A friend of mine where I work is a big Vettriano fan so I decided to do one of his because I am not too familiar with the artist.  A lot of his work is too sultry for the workplace but this one seems to strike the right chord.  The composition is very simple and beautiful.  I’m trying a ton of different stuff to get the background right.  Nothing is harder on the whiteboard than a large gray background space. 


I’m really happy to be done with this one.  It has taken a long time but it was worth all the tinkering.  There are still plenty of things I could have done better, particularly in the layout stage but overall I am pretty happy with it.  I can’t believe it hasn’t happened before now but this was the first one where someone accidentally put their hand on the board, forcing me to redo a section.  To be honest, that section was bugging me anyway so I took it as a sign that the cosmos wanted it fixed.  🙂  So here’s the finished product and I threw in a detail shot just for good measure.