Guy with an eye

I swear, Ansel Adams is a freak with a camera.  Even with all the photoshopping in the world people still can’t manage to pull off some of the things he was able to do.  A coworker suggested Adams and after doing the requisite image search I was blown away by the quality of the pics.  One particular one stood out to me, called ‘Mountains.’  It simply doesn’t look real.  I have done a few works lately with people in them and was itching to do a landscape so it seemed meant to be.  Frankly, I’m not quite certain the way I have chosen to do this is the best way or quickest way but I like the start so far.  The sky will be challenging but I’ll worry about that later.  🙂


…And here’s the finish…

The Norman Rockwell exhibit has moved on from the NC Museum of Art and I must move on from Norman Rockwell.  There’s a lot about this one I could probably improve on but that’s why I chose this particular artist and piece.  It gave me the chance to work on faces and anatomy, which has been a focus of mine lately.  Nailing down likenesses is hard enough but doing them in dry-erase is a major-league pain sometimes, with varying degrees of success.  Regardless, any chance I get to practice drawing people I’ll take it.  Here’s Norman Rockwell’s ‘The Speech.’

Slow and sort of steady…

I was out of commission most of last week so apologies for the slow updates.  I’m actually a good bit further along on this one than this picture indicates but I figured for the sake of the process I’d put this up anyway.  I’ve done tons of reworking on the faces and they are getting closer to where they should be.  The guy at the bottom right has been giving me fits; no matter what I do he seems to end up looking like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump.  Oh well, I’ll keep trying. 🙂