If only we could shoot the 3.

I am still lamenting the Tar Heels tournament exit at the hands of the Kentucky Wildcats (who I can’t stand).  A Kentucky/UConn Final Four match-up is pretty much a visual root canal for me.  I can only hope the power goes out or something.  In other news, I have finished up the Ansel Adams Mountains pic.  The sky was every bit the pain I thought it would be, mainly because this work killed a couple good markers.  Oh well, it was worth it.  Now I need two things to happen.  I need to find the next one to do and I need UConn to beat UK and lose in the final (yeah right).  I can almost taste the money.  🙂  Here’s the finished product…  Onward and upward.

March Madness

March Madness has officially begun.  I’m sitting here watching my beloved Tar Heels in their first round matchup against Long Island.  Hopefully, if the Heels can’t bring home the trophy, someone will step up and make sure Duke doesn’t either.  🙂  Speaking of madness, the sky on this Ansel Adams piece is quite the struggle.  A couple of my crucial markers are dying at the same time so I am really having to come up with some creative workarounds.  The area right between the two mountains is beginning to look like I want it so I’ll try to take the technique used there and expand it to the rest.  Below is the progress so far…   Go Heels!

Mountains beyond mountains

Here’s the Ansel Adams update.  Some big flubs and lots of erasing later, I’ve finally worked out how to do the mountains.  I’m basically sacrificing one of my fine point markers on this one but it will be worth it if it goes according to plan.