If only we could shoot the 3.

I am still lamenting the Tar Heels tournament exit at the hands of the Kentucky Wildcats (who I can’t stand).  A Kentucky/UConn Final Four match-up is pretty much a visual root canal for me.  I can only hope the power goes out or something.  In other news, I have finished up the Ansel Adams Mountains pic.  The sky was every bit the pain I thought it would be, mainly because this work killed a couple good markers.  Oh well, it was worth it.  Now I need two things to happen.  I need to find the next one to do and I need UConn to beat UK and lose in the final (yeah right).  I can almost taste the money.  🙂  Here’s the finished product…  Onward and upward.


4 thoughts on “If only we could shoot the 3.

  1. Incredible work! I’m looking at the original Ansel and comparing it to your piece. I gotta say, you’re very very good. And to think you do this on a white-board?! Wow! Just Wow!

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