The Banksy piece is finished.  It didn’t take long at all since there was no background to fuss over.  I’ve turned my attention now toward choosing the next one to work on.  I’d like to do something a little off the beaten path, like the last two.  I keep looking for a comic book cover to do but the right one hasn’t jumped out at me yet.  Right now, though, my band is in the studio to record an album.  I also have a lot of work trips coming up so the next one might take a while to finish.

How fitting.

Here I am, posting a picture of Dorothy and Toto getting searched by a cop right after a weekend where my state was under siege from tornadoes.  It was pretty nuts.  Between the tornadoes, the tsunamis, and earthquakes, maybe the crazies and the Mayans were right.  End of times.  Oh well, at least Harrison Barnes is returning for the Heels.  🙂

Robin Gunningham? Maybe…

One Sunday morning I was watching the CBS Sunday Morning show and they did a profile on a rogue graffiti artist named Banksy.  The story blew me away for a lot of reasons, the main one being that the guy was flat-out an ace artist.  The fact that he had boiled the process down to something he could do in under 2 minutes, under the cover of darkness, anonymously, and make a statement was pretty great.  It’s really a fascinating story, the tale of the outlaw artist.  I’m sure plenty of people know who he is but they aren’t talking.  Except one guy, who Banksy evidently pissed off in Jamaica.  Regardless, the guy does some cool artwork, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny, sometimes downright mean.  I thought doing one of his pieces would be a fun change of speed.  I chose to do one of a cop searching Dorothy’s basket as Toto looks on.  There’s something hilarious and charming about it.  This one should go quick, not under two minutes but quick enough.  Cheers, Banksy.