Not what I thought

I went looking for a cool Salvador Dali painting to do on the whiteboard and came across one that I really loved.  Oddly, it wasn’t a Dali.  It was by a guy named Vladimir Kush but I guess it was surreal enough to show up in a Google Image search for Dali.


4 thoughts on “Not what I thought

  1. Impressive.
    I have a small chalk board that I draw a picture on once a month. I try to do something that is a symbol of that month. I use Chalk Ink liquid chalk.

    My drawings are no where near as detailed as yours, but my cube mates seem to enjoy them.
    One of my cube mates sent me your link to show me what others draw.

    Good job.

    1. Hi JM-

      Liquid chalk? I’d like to see that… Do you document them anywhere?

      I like the idea of doing a symbol of that month. If I was better organized I would have liked to have done a Christmas-themed one for this December but I never know how long each of these will take. Glad to hear someone else out there is bringing a little artwork to the office. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the site!

      1. Only on FB at times. Some folks post their chalk drawings to the chalk ink web site they have a gallery. it is a local Austin company ans I like to buy local. they ship everywhere. It works on white boards, glass, chalk boards. No I don’t work for them I just like their product. 🙂

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