Home? What’s that?

Work and band have me going on a ton of trips so the whiteboarding is going pretty slow at the moment.  I’ll take off tomorrow on another one so it’s likely I won’t get much of anything done on it this week.  It goes fairly fast when I do get to work on it so it should be done soon.  I’ve gone and done the same thing on this one that I did on the Escher, it’s a little too thin.  I measure them at the beginning to try to maintain the scale and I must have miscalculated somewhere.  I need to follow the old woodworker mantra of measure twice, cut once.  I’m far enough along that I can justify not fixing it and ‘learning from my mistake’ on the next one.  🙂  I just got an iphone so my pictures should be higher quality but wordpress keeps cutting off the far right side.  Gotta figure that out before I throw the final one up.


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