Well, that went quick.

Finished up La Promenade by Monet.  Apologies for the lack of ‘work-in-progress’ pics on this one, I finished it so fast that I really didn’t have an opportunity for that.  Bless the Impressionists and their loose style.  Makes my whiteboard life a lot easier.  🙂

I’m thinking of a pretty dramatic shift for the next one.  If I can find just the right one, I’ll try to do a color comic book cover.  I think that would be fun and extremely challenging.  I’ll likely have to look to a cover from back in the day, one with a limited color palette that I can come close to approximating with the very few color dry erase markers I have.  The guys in the Avengers have some nice bold primary colors, I might start with them.

If you are new to the site, check the Gallery of Finished Works page at the top to see the past efforts.

Show me the Monet

Back to the Impressionists.  Their work lends itself well to the dry erase medium so I knew I would find my way back to them eventually.  This famous painting of Monet’s is one that has been on my list for a while but of all the Impressionist artists, Monet is the one I’ve been hesitant to do.  His work has little detail and is so brushy that it is almost out of focus, which will make it difficult to translate.  I’ll give it a shot anyway.  🙂

There and back again…

It seems like I’ve been all over the place recently.  I have had a relentless run of work trips mixed with band recording sessions that have kept me on the run and super busy.  It seems like this piece by Kush has been on the board a long, long time but now it’s finally done.  There’s a lot about this one I really like; there is a sketchiness to it that makes it seem loose and quick despite the amount of work put into it.  Plus, I had been looking for some sort of surrealist-type painting to do and something about this image grabbed me.  I really liked the clouds in the original and wanted to do them justice if possible.  The skies in these are always the hardest part, as it is difficult to get such light values with a black dry erase marker.  I have to result to trickery and MacGyverism to get them.  But that’s what makes it fun.  🙂