Politics, Schmolitics.

Maybe I’m just turning into a cranky old man but politics is really starting to get on my nerves.  These guys are more like game show hosts than leaders of the free world.  It’s like a whole panel of the people you hated in high school, clamoring for the keys to far too much power.  There is some great comedy value, though.  It really is a skill to be able to talk for 15 minutes straight and not actually say anything of consequence.  Non-answers are very entertaining and Rick Perry is setting new standards for debate futility.

Anyway, this painting is called Discussion Politique, so politics has been on the brain.  People have argued about their leaders since we’ve had leaders.  The roles haven’t changed much either.  Just look at these guys below.  There’s the Convincing Guy, The I’m Not Having It Guy, the I Could Care Less Guy, and the I’m Just Keeping It To Myself Guy (just with snazzier hats).  I’m actually almost done with this one but I have some work-in-progress pics so I figured I would throw one out there.  Still hammering away at the figures in this pic.


2 thoughts on “Politics, Schmolitics.

  1. Might have one with hands over the eyes, the ears, the mouth…..now instead of seeing no evil, see no differences, hear no truth…..etc…….. or maybe the blind man feeling the side of an camel(elephant is too political) and describing only what they can feel ……Good subject. ….we are also fed up…….

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