Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of us, Amazing Larry?!

Here’s the finish for the latest whiteboard work, Emil Friant’s La Discussion Politique.  I made the same error that I did on the Escher of making it a little too thin.  I must have measured wrong at the beginning.  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed working on this one; I always like an opportunity to practice drawing people.  The human form is an incredibly complicated thing to render well and I’m only just beginning to scratch the surface of anatomy and proportions.  I need to hunker down with some anatomy books and just do a boatload of studies.  It’s so annoying to talk to really great artists and ask them for advice about how to get better.  All the good ones say the same thing, “Just keep drawing.  All the time.”  What makes it REALLY annoying is that they’re right.  One of the great things about doing this Cubicleism blog and my webcomics is that it makes me draw every day.

On a totally weird side note, Pee Wee Herman tweeted a link to this blog!  Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is an all-time classic and one of my favorite movies.  So, thanks, Mr. Herman!

Here’s the progress photos, now it’s on to a quick Christmas-themed Charlie Brown.  Remembere, there’s no basement in the Alamo.


7 thoughts on “Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of us, Amazing Larry?!

  1. Your work is great.

    I have also done some dry erase pieces and I wanted to know how you create your greys? I work in color, but the need for lighter shades is unavoidable since impressionist/post-impressionist paintings lend themselves so well to dry erase, but are heavy on soft colors.


    1. Thanks, Ryan! Getting those greys can be a pain sometimes. There are a few different ways I go about it. One of the main ones is hatching, which will let the eye do the work for you once you stand back from the board. I keep EVERY marker I use because as they start to run out of ink they act completely differently and give me various levels of black/grey. I do a lot of blacking out an area and actually erasing. Sometimes I’ll smudge marker with my fingers to get a grey.

  2. Thanks! I’ve used a lot of the same techniques. Those markers are so finicky, it’s tough to get them to do what you want. As far as hatching goes, I find that the marker’s cap works well in scraping away thin lines.

  3. Wow, really wow. I’ve drawn some dry erase art, but I love the recreation of classic art works. Great idea and really great work.

    I really like the smudging and grays. I tend to draw on windows at work (much like yourself) and have found that the soft eraser that comes on some of the Ultra fine point Expos does pretty well for some hatching and sort-of relief work.

    You also spend way more time than I do, which is impressive in itself. My only take 10-15 hrs and the time you spend is definitely an exercise in patience.

    Kudos, man! Keep it up!


      1. Have you started taking requests yet? I don’t mean from random people on the internet. 🙂

        But from people you know and In the office? That’s how mine started.

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