It’s Christmas Time, Charlie Brown

I was hoping to finish the Friant and leave enough time to do something befitting of the holiday spirit.  The last one took a while longer than I had anticipated, leaving me roughly a week for a holiday-related piece.  One of the things I love about holidays are the movies and shows associated with them.  Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without multiple viewings of ‘Christmas Vacation’ and ‘A Christmas Story.’  I never get tired of watching Ralphie beat the snot out of yellow-eyed Scott Farkus.  I also hold a special place for the Charlie Brown holiday specials.  It’s perfect, really… It doesn’t get much simpler artistically than Charlie Brown.  That’s part of the brilliance of it.  So, instead of doing some stuffy thing by a 19th century pissy French guy, I’ll do an homage to Charles Schultz.  Hopefully I can finish it before Christmas.  I’m a lot closer to finishing than these pics show…  I’ll have the rest of the work-in-progress pics in the next post with the finished one.


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