He’s not 200 years dead but he’s still pretty awesome.

It’s so annoying that many artists die out long before they are appreciated.  Perhaps there is something about the fact that no more will get produced.  Maybe there’s a bias to modern art, leading people to look backwards for greatness.  Regardless, there are some ace artists out there working today.  I am very fortunate to have a group of friends who are creative dynamos and I’m always blown away by what they come up with.  I’m in a band called The Kingsbury Manx (www.kingsburymanx.com) and one of the founding members is a good buddy of mine, M. Scott Myers.  He ended up leaving the band to pursue more of a visual art route.  He is crazy talented; one look through his site will show you that he made the right call.  http://www.fatheartgalleries.com

Scott has done the cover paintings for all the Manx records and I thought I might take a stab at recreating the cover of our first record.  The whole painting is done in small triangles, sort of a cubism-dry-erase-nightmare but I like a challenge.  Hopefully I’ll do it justice since this painting and its creator mean a lot to me.  Here’s the beginning.  The painting is on his site and it’s called Jess’s House.  Once you see it, you’ll see what lies ahead for me with this.  Insanity, likely.


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