The Sky Is Falling

Man, it’s really easy to lose my place in this piece.  I’m trying to keep those triangles as faithful as possible but I have to admit to winging it in a couple of places.  🙂  That’s ok, though, I’m liking the way it’s going so far and happy to be out of the sky section.  Even with those large portions at the bottom to fill in, I kind of feel like I’m almost done.  That’s optimism for ya.

I have already decided that for the next one I might try to do a time-lapse video of it.  One of my coworkers has a camera I can mount and use for it so, if the experiment works, I’ll try to get you guys a video of it.  This would have been a really good one for that with all of the incremental progress but I’m NOT starting it over.  🙂  I think a couple more weeks should do the trick on this one.

Walking in someone else’s shoes

I told Scott (the guy who did the original painting) the other day that I feel like I have experienced a taste of what he went through when he originally painted this.  You can see the finished product in your mind’s eye but you realize you have thousands of triangles between you and that moment.  I already have a couple of pieces that I’m trying to decide between for the next one.  Until then, I’ve almost finished the sky, which will be a nice landmark to hit.  I really do think it will speed up from there.  Here’s where things stand currently:


This week has brought about another little Internet flurry for my whiteboard blog. Alyssa Milano tweeted about the blog and, for a child of the 80s, that’s right up there. I also got an email so stunning that I’m still reeling from it a bit. I will keep it mum for now but if it comes to fruition it would be super amazing. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to come by and check out the site! Below is the slow and steady progress on Jess’s House by Scott Myers. I keep telling myself it will go faster when the sky is done but I know deep down I am just telling myself what I want to hear. 😉