Down The Rabbit Hole

This next choice for the whiteboard comes from my youth.  The Alice in Wonderland cartoon was one of my favorites growing up, I found it totally fascinating if not a little scary.  I’d never seen anything like it and I felt sorry for Alice because she pretty much had the worst day EVER.  The Cheshire Cat put me off cats for a while.  I’m glad my cats don’t have the capability to throw one of those uber-creepy toothy smiles at me.

This movie must have been a blast for the animators to work on…  All those interesting situations and characters would make for a fun day at the office.  With that idea I decided to make it fun at the office for me to.  Here’s the progress so far:

Now, where’s my damn medal?

Have you ever seen those videos of the poor runner, completely dehydrated with jelly-legs trying to stay upright to cross the marathon finish line at the Olympics?  Finishing this piece is a bit like that for me.  I was Scott’s roommate when he painted this originally and it looked like a pain then.  I’ve gained even more respect for him and this painting after doing this.  The crazy thing is, he went back later and ‘touched it up,’ which basically meant painting it AGAIN.  What?!  Glutton for punishment, if you ask me.

I’m just glad I got to complete it and snap the pic before some act of the cosmos messed it up.  Now I get to turn my attention to the NCAA tourney and my beloved Heels.  Also, I did decide to do Alice in Wonderland as the next whiteboard work, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  I’m hoping to work up some sort of time-lapsed video of the next one if I can get it set up.

A few days ago, I needed some more markers so I bought a pack of some that I’d never tried before.  They have the sharpest, finest point I’ve seen yet.  My inner whiteboard artist squeeees with excitement.  🙂

2 months and counting

This sucker has been a beast!  I just have to finish the house and that bottom left corner and I’ll graduate from Tedious Triangles 101.  Sooo close to the finish line.  I started this right after the New Year and it’s been a solid 2 months on this one.  I knew it would take forever but I was secretly hoping I’d figure out some magical technique that would make it go faster.  That’s a negative, ghost rider.  Ironically, it’s taken me 2 months to reproduce the cover of our first record, an album that was recorded in about 4 days.  At least we didn’t have to record it 5 minutes at a time.  🙂  Here’s the progress, hoping to finish this week!