Back Through The Looking Glass

Finally finished up Alice in Wonderland.  This one has a ton of hatching work on it, maybe not as much as the Escher one but it sure seemed like a lot.  I really liked the way Alice’s head turned out.  I think it has to do with the original artist’s linework…  To me, that’s how you can tell a true artist.  The guys/gals who can get their message across using the fewest lines are always so impressive to me.  Over-rendering can be a negative sometimes.  It might look flashy but I’ll take the simple clean design anyway, especially when it comes to storytelling and sequential images.  So, here’s Alice all finished up.  On to the next one!

Mad about the Hatter

In retrospect, I’m annoyed at myself for not doing the dining scene with the Mad Hatter.  I really would have like to draw him, he’s such a cool-looking character.  My excursion down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland is almost at an end.  I just have to finish the little animal and the ground and I can call it a day.

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow…

There’s a reason I haven’t tackled the bottom part yet.  Frankly, I’m not sure how to do it.  Until I figure it out, may I distract you with those snazzy hedges in the background?  🙂

I forgot how much they made the Queen look like a goon in this cartoon until I had to draw her crazy mouth.  There is some great character design in this movie.  I’m not sure why but the little King might be my favorite.  Anyway, I’m roughly halfway done and enjoying this one a lot so far.

Whiteboard Wonderland

This one seems like it’s moving at warp speed compared to the last one.  My heavy blacks are starting to go so it’s about time for another trip to the store to restock. That hedge behind the characters is going to be quite a challenge.  You might see it change a couple of times before I finally settle on how to do it.  Getting that gray isn’t easy and with the detail of the leaves and whatnot, the hatching isn’t really an option here.  I’ll have to MacGyver it.

In other news, we sold our house and are moving in less than a month!  Gah!  If the updates are slow, you’ll know why…  It’s because my brain is putty and life is frantic.  🙂

Here’s the Alice progress.