The words ‘Work-in-progress’ have never seemed to appropriate.

It feels like everything in my life at the moment has a big, fat ‘work-in-progress’ tag on it.  I’ve just moved into a new house, so a good chunk of my life is still in boxes and the wrong paint color is on the walls.  My band has a record in the early stages of mixing.  I’m in the process of trying to get into better shape and all that.  So, at the moment, everything feels a little off-kilter.  I’m not a huge fan of having things out there unfinished.  An unfinished project really nags and eats away at me and slowly starts to drive me crazy.  I like art because it has a nice definitive beginning and what makes the end great is that it happens when I say it happens.   🙂  I used to paint in oils way back when but I used to get really impatient with the time it took to finish plus the drying time of the canvas.  It’s sort of funny now that I think about it, as all these cubicle works take way longer and they get erased at the end.  Maybe I’ve grown as a person.  Speaking of slow works-in-progress, here’s Manet!


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