Man, oh, Man(et)

At long last, Manet is done.  The summertime is always really busy for me so I had a few breaks from this one, including moving into a new home.  I had a blast with this one; maybe I’ll do a Renoir at some point since some of the brushwork so of reminds me of Manet in places.  If anything, Renoir paintings can look REALLY loose, bordering on out-of-focus, so I’ll have to pick just the right one that I can translate to the whiteboard.  That’s down the road though.  I’m thinking of going of the beaten path for the next one.  Maybe a movie poster, album cover, or comic art.  Something different.

A little here, a little there

I’m really enjoying working on this one.  Aside from the central figure there is very little definition to any of the other objects in the piece.  In some respects, that is very freeing…  I get to be loose and sketchy without getting too bogged down on any one part.  The result is that I’m doing something I don’t normally do, which is jumping all over the place on a whim.  I need to remember that just because I can be a little more relaxed on this one that doesn’t mean I get to relax on the attention to detail.  I’ve had a blast with the background behind the girl.  It looks chaotic but I’ve been taking great care to try to get it right.  The lighter gray swatches on the walls and the chandeliers are the most challenging bit so far.  Still messing with those. 🙂