This painting is freaking weird.

The more I work on this Dali, the stranger this painting seems to me.  It’s so random, especially the background where there’s a statue on a chessboard and various people striking poses.  I don’t profess to know what the meaning behind this work is but it has been a lot of fun to take on.  Dali, you’re a weird cat.  Here’s the progress.


I’ve been meaning to get to Dali for a while now.  Way back when I did Vladimir Kush’s Departure of the Winged Ship, I actually found that painting doing a Google image search for Dali paintings.  Better late than never.  This has always been my favorite of his works, The Metamorphosis Of Narcissus.  There are going to be some really fun components to this one, especially the reflection that will be in the bottom left-hand corner.  I’m very much looking forward to puzzling that part out.  Here are the beginnings, you can see the very loose rough-out and where I’ve started in with the detail at the top left.