Sargent, John Singer reporting for duty

I finished up the Salvador Dali painting and after erasing it, my board sat empty for a couple of days.  That’s never happened before.  Usually I have a short list of things I’d like to get to but Dali was the end of that list.  Luckily, a coworker gave me some suggestions and while this particular painting wasn’t one of those suggestions they did lead me to it.  My artist buddy said of him, “He makes it look so easy.”   I can’t really put it any better.  He does these beautiful scenes with such fluidity, never a stroke out of place yet they look loose somehow.  So here’s an early work-in-progress pic of Sargent’s ‘An Out-of doors Study.’

Sorry for being so DALI-nquent in posts this month. Zing!

This was a slow month for me creative output-wise; Work got busier, personal life got busier but I did manage to take a week vacation (hence, no post last week).  Everyone needs a break, though.  The rest of this year should be exciting…  There will, of course, be more cubicle art posted here.  My band’s newest record is almost finished so that should see release around December or January.  My Cautionary Tales comic strip will be concluding at number 100 around the end of the year.  Tripp will still be going strong though.  I’m considering doing a book of the completed Cautionary Tales strips, I’ll let you know if that comes to fruition.