Dragon’s Lair Finished!

I finished Dragon’s Lair!  I never thought I’d get to utter those words.  Of course, I’m referring to the whiteboard work, not the videogame because we all know the video game was impossible.  I like doing these cartoony videogame things.  Maybe I’ll do a He-Man one soon.  The question is, do I do full-on He-Man or Prince Adam in his awesomely ridiculous vest and wifebeater combo?  Decisions, decisions!  Here’s the finished Dragon’s Lair:

Dragon’s Math

I’m sure that by now, I’ve spent far longer on this Dragon’s Lair whiteboard drawing than I ever did playing the game.  Since each one of my deaths probably took about 20 seconds, I figure the sum total of my game-playing time was probably about an hour.  Watching it is a different story.  I like the way this is starting to shape up, even though I know I have a ton of fixing to do on the walls and some of the perspective.  Here’s where I’m at right now: