From historical to ridiculous in 0.4 seconds. SPOON!

There’s no beautiful segue for going from Renoir to Ben Edlund’s The Tick so I’m not even going to try.  The fact of the matter is that after tackling Renoir I wanted do something a lot more fun and it doesn’t get much more fun than The Tick.  For the unfamiliar, The Tick was an independent comic that was turned into an animated series on Fox in the mid-90s.  He’s totally crazy, very strong, and rambles incessantly.  I found a really cool Tick image to do and I picked it mainly because the background was so great and challenging.  Here are the humble beginnings…



Au Revoir, Renoir!

This one might have taken the longest from start to finish but I had big blocks of time where I didn’t work on it at all, with the holidays and everything.  I’m pretty sure this sets my record at number of people in one these at 12 (if I counted correctly) and one dog.  Now I think it might be time to jump back over to the ‘let’s take ourselves less seriously’ side of things and do something movie/comic/game related.  Time to do some research.

Here’s the finished Renoir!