Au Revoir, Renoir!

This one might have taken the longest from start to finish but I had big blocks of time where I didn’t work on it at all, with the holidays and everything.  I’m pretty sure this sets my record at number of people in one these at 12 (if I counted correctly) and one dog.  Now I think it might be time to jump back over to the ‘let’s take ourselves less seriously’ side of things and do something movie/comic/game related.  Time to do some research.

Here’s the finished Renoir!



9 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Renoir!

  1. Hey Bill, Nina here. Synchronicity at work . While you were finishing your boating party, I was reading a memoir in which the figure with the top hat played a major role. The book is called the Hare with Amber Eyes, if you’re interested; it’s by Edmund de Waal and I found it fascinating and wanted to start it all over again as soon as I finished. Anyhow the guy with the top hat was a patron of the arts, and of Renoir specifically. Anyhow. Congrats on finishing the picture! Pretty cool.

  2. It turned out lovely!

    I have suggestions for the “less seriously” bit (chosen ’cause it would be fun to see your take on ’em, one for each category you mentioned): The Tick, Serenity (I ♥ that ship!), or Skyrim. 😀

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