Say Hello To My Little Friend

I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  I got to work on likeness, do something different visually, AND have it go quickly.  That’s a nice trifecta.  I had considered branching into movie posters/stills or album covers and I’ve always loved this poster.  The image is striking and it’s too bad they had to stick words all over it to make it into a poster.  That’s the main reason I did not include the title on there, I really just enjoy the image without it.  That splash of red would have looked cool, though.  I’m a huge movie fan and movie posters have become incredibly generic and boring.  There’s a great article on the orange/blue movie poster contrast and how generic it is.  Here’s the link: Now that your attention has been called to it, you’ll see it everywhere.  It’s sort of hilarious, really.  Anyway, here’s the final Scarface pic:


The first half of this one is some of my best work

Even though this one is deceptively simple with tons of black space, I still really like the way it’s going.  It will all, of course, hinge on getting the figure right.  If I screw that up it all falls apart.  I’ll make an effort not to screw that up.  🙂  I debated on whether to include the Scarface title in red letters but ultimately decided to just go with the black and white image.  There is something about it this way that I like better.  Using the title seemed a bit, well, pandering.

Here’s how it’s going:



People are confused by this one…

I don’t blame the coworkers for thinking this one’s a little strange.  After putting things on the board that are pretty recognizable,  slowly moving across the board filling it with nothing but black probably makes it look like I’m having some sort of existential crisis or something.  What I am actually doing is the movie poster for Scarface.  It’s such a great image with that stark black and white contrast and red lettering.  I’m skipping the lettering and just going for the image because I think that speaks for itself.  The work in progress pics for this one won’t be much to look at until I get to the figure about 2/3 of the way to the right but here they are nonetheless.



I likessss being finished

This was a fun one to do and it went fast.    I thought it would be a lot tougher than it was but that’s how these things go, the hardest ones are the ones I think will be simple and vice versa.  Gollum was such a groundbreaking character effects-wise, but what really sold him was that the filmmakers worked really hard to make him a fleshed-out character with a past and real motivations.  And the mo-cap with Andy Serkis didn’t hurt.  🙂  After a nice little diversion into pop culture, I think it’s time to go with something a little more classic for the next one.