Say Hello To My Little Friend

I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  I got to work on likeness, do something different visually, AND have it go quickly.  That’s a nice trifecta.  I had considered branching into movie posters/stills or album covers and I’ve always loved this poster.  The image is striking and it’s too bad they had to stick words all over it to make it into a poster.  That’s the main reason I did not include the title on there, I really just enjoy the image without it.  That splash of red would have looked cool, though.  I’m a huge movie fan and movie posters have become incredibly generic and boring.  There’s a great article on the orange/blue movie poster contrast and how generic it is.  Here’s the link: Now that your attention has been called to it, you’ll see it everywhere.  It’s sort of hilarious, really.  Anyway, here’s the final Scarface pic:



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