Come with me and together we will kill a few black dry erase markers

The Darth Vader figure on this came together quickly so I mistakenly thought I’d breeze through this one.  You would think I would have learned by now that it’s always the background that ends up being the huge challenge on these things.  I tried multiple approaches to the background on this one, erasing a few attempts before finally stumbling on to the final version.  I probably could have done it better if I had a few ultra fine point markers but I didn’t so I made do with the tools I had.  Not surprisingly, people around the office really seem to dig this one.  It was challenging but fun.  I think my favorite part is the reflective helmet.

Here’s the finished piece.


How has it taken this long to get to Star Wars?!

The original Star Wars trilogy was a huge part of my childhood.  I can’t think of any other movies that spawned so many backyard imaginary battles.  Some of the Ewok stuff started to go a bit off the rails but overall that trilogy is just good solid storytelling.  The Empire Strikes Back is my head and shoulders favorite of all the movies and I chose to depict one of the most iconic scenes from it, one of the greatest story twists in movie history.  I won’t ruin it for all 3 of you who have never seen it but, man, what a great moment.

starwarswip1 starwarswip2