She’s going to say the words!

I love the movie Labyrinth for so many reasons.  It’s the movie that introduced me to Jennifer Connelly which would ordinarily be enough on its own.  But it also had David Bowie in one of the strangest villain turns ever.  I’m still wondering how those spandex pants made the cut wardrobe-wise.  Bowie managed to ooze debonair evilness while breaking into songs like ‘Dance Magic Dance.’  Do you know how difficult that is to do?  I’ve tried it.  It’s hard.

One of my absolute favorite things about the movie are the Jim Henson creations.  Henson made a humungous mark on my childhood with movies like this one or the Muppets or Dark Crystal.  The guy had a massive imagination and used it to engage the imaginations of others.  That’s about as artistically awesome as it gets.  Here’s my tribute to Labyrinth.