The whiteboard is universal

I’m an unabashed lover of science fiction.  I, like a lot of people, saw Star Wars as a kid and was completely blown away.  Regardless of what George Lucas went on to do with Greedo shooting first and the prequels, he’s still the guy who ignited millions of imaginations and created some of the most memorable movie characters of all time.  After seeing Star Wars I wanted to watch anything I could that had to do with space, aliens, starships and the like.  I was a little kid when the V miniseries aired and really far too young to watch that kind of show.  However, this is what grandparents are for, letting you do all the stuff your parents try to moderate.

The scene in the show where one of the alien visitors’ skin gets ripped and you find out they are actually reptilian underneath was one of the first ‘HOLY CRAP!’ plot twist moments I remember seeing and it left quite an impression.  They remade V a few years ago but I had trouble really getting into it.  I’m not sure why, probably the lack of Marc Singer.  Anyway, I felt compelled to do an homage to the original so I went for one of the Visitors posters with the red V over it.  Here’s the process: