A request

I usually keep a short list around of subjects I’d like to draw on the whiteboard.  That list is currently empty and I need to replenish it.  However, a coworker stepped up and had a request for one of her favorite paintings, The Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David.  I wasn’t really familiar with the work but I liked it even though these sorts of classical paintings aren’t normally my thing.  The story behind these sorts of paintings is what really gives them a boost and this story is a cool one.  From wikipedia:

It depicts a scene from a Roman legend about a dispute between two warring cities; Rome and Alba Longa, when three brothers from a Roman family, the Horatii, agree to end the war by fighting three brothers from a family of Alba Longa, the Curiatii. The three brothers, all of whom appear willing to sacrifice their lives for the good of Rome, are shown saluting their father who holds their swords out for them.[1] Of the three Horatii brothers, only one shall survive the confrontation. However, it is the surviving brother who is able to kill the other three fighters from Alba Longa: he chases the three fighters, causing them to separate from each other, and then, in turn, kills each Curiatii brother. Aside from the three brothers depicted, David also represents, in the bottom right corner, a woman crying whilst sat down. She is Camilla, a sister of the Horatii brothers, who is also married to one of the Curiatii fighters, and thus she weeps in the realization that, in any case, she will lose someone she loves.

That’s some serious subtext right there.  Anyway, it was a fun one to do and it’s always good practice for me to draw people and now I’m left in the same spot with no list.  Any other suggestions?  Here are the progress shots: