The Art Of The Wood Cut

I frequently do Google image searches looking for inspiring artwork to do on the whiteboard.  I recently came across an artist I’d never heard of, a German expressionist painter and print-maker named Karl Schmidt-Rotluff.  While I liked his paintings it was his woodcuts that really caught my eye.  They are very stark and angular and in black and white they looked like great whiteboard fodder.  I also knew right away that creating this one would use a different process than I had done before.  I decided to break it down into large shapes that I could use for spot blacks and do all the “drawing” by erasing.  It was a fun exercise and didn’t take long.  I wanted to make sure I had time to get a Halloween themed whiteboard ready. 🙂

schmidtrotlluff1be schmidtrotlluff2schmidtrotlluff3lschmidtrotlufffinal