The REAL Nightmare Before Christmas

The REAL nightmare before Christmas is not being able to track down a gift your kid wants because a stupid store up and cancelled the order REALLY close to Christmas and–  Oh.  Art.

I’m really happy the timing of my last two whiteboards worked out such that I could do a holiday-themed one for Halloween AND Christmas.  A few different people have mentioned doing “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in the past and I just sort of filed it away in the back of my mind until the right time.  This year, it finally lined up the right way so I could start and finish it between Halloween and Christmas.  I considered going with a close-up of Jack Skellington but decided that it wouldn’t be all that challenging (fun, though) and went for this still instead because of how complicated some of the elements would be to execute.  Ultimately, I just wanted to see how those parts would play out.  Here are the pics!