In before the buzzer

There is some reorganizing and moving of office space going on at my workplace which means I will be moving to a different cubicle.  It’s a bittersweet move because I’ll miss this whiteboard.  I’ve spent four years drawing on it and it feels a bit sad to leave it behind.  No one is moving into my old cube (it will be storage) so I’m not going to erase this one as I leave the cube behind.  Someone else will have to.  The other upside is that even though my new cube has a whiteboard similar to the previous one, there is someone a few cubes down from me who has one of the big square ones and wants to trade with me.  That means I can finally do some portrait-oriented pieces without having to make them really small to keep the scale.  So, without further ado, here is the latest whiteboard art for this cube.  Next week, I’ll start anew.





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