The Legend Of Tim Curry

I love movies.  I always have.  It probably stems from seeing movies I was probably too young to see and being transfixed by them, whether it be through being overwhelmed at the imagination on screen or through being genuinely scared by something.  The villain that left one of the biggest impressions on me as a kid was Tim Curry’s Lord of Darkness from the 80’s fantasy movie “Legend.”  To this day I still think it’s one of the best makeup and prosthetic jobs I’ve seen in a film and the slight voice modulation give him a super creepy voice.  He wasn’t a one note villain, screaming all the time.  He was calm and terrifying, making his outbursts even scarier.  Pair this with the fact that the same guy played Pennywise the clown and Tim Curry is a first ballot villain hall-of-famer.

Here are the pics!