The ORIGINAL Robocop, not that diluted reboot madness

Man, there is just something so delicious about the crazy excess of Paul Verhoeven films of the 80’s and early 90’s.  There’s a common theme running through them, they are completely unapologetic and fully embrace their insanity.  He was never afraid to take it a step too far into the realm of utter ridiculousness, which I think is the main problem with Hollywood constantly trying to remake films of that era.  They always miss what made the original work and in trying to update it for today’s times they invariably go for a ‘realistic, more ground and dark and gritty’ take on the material.  It fails. Every. Time.  I’m not specifically trying to blast the Robocop reboot as there are a lot of elements to it that could have been real strengths.  I’d rather that energy go into a new idea instead of trading on nostalgia to get butts in the seats.  Anyway.  Here’s my Robocop whiteboard.