Ronald Reagan… THE ACTOR?!

There are only a small handful of movies that I consider near-perfect films.  Cinema is such a hard thing to get right as there are so many moving parts that have to come together to form a unified whole.  A bad script can kill a movie.  A bad actor can kill a movie.  A bad director can kill a movie.  Bad production design can kill a movie and on and on and on.  Back to the Future is one of those where damn near everything in the movie is pitch-perfect.  They actually cast Eric Stoltz as Marty originally but let him go after it just wasn’t gelling with the vision.  Can you imagine ANYONE other than Michael J. Fox in that role?

Time travel movies can get overly convoluted and shoot themselves in the foot.  This one kept it simple, light and made the focus the characters and not the science.  Smart move.  Plus, the chemistry between Marty and Doc is amazing.  I picked a scene from the movie that I felt really nailed that dynamic, their ‘first’ meeting in the past.  What a great scene.