The orthodontic bills would be outrageous

The first two Alien films are near-perfect blends of horror and science fiction.  Couple that with awesome creature design and a strong female protagonist and you’ve got an all-timer on your hands.  Think about how much the xenomorph influenced creature design in film.  And let’s not even get into the whole mouth-in-a-mouth thing.  That’s next-level.  Between Alien and Blade Runner, Ridley Scott has certainly done his part for the sci-fi genre.  James Cameron came along and made a great sequel to Alien.  Every time I watch Aliens I’m reminded of what a frustrating director James Cameron is.  Capable of so much but his own ego and sense of self-worth keep him elevating to another level.  He succeeds sometimes in spite of himself, which is a shame.  Regardless, I’m thankful for his contribution to the Alien franchise because it’s a good one.


2 thoughts on “The orthodontic bills would be outrageous

  1. Loved the first Alien movie because it had seemingly unknown actors, and you didn’t know who was going to die! More of a thriller than a horror movie. You have done the alien justice with this board! Love it!

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